Take Back Your Property

Don’t let bugs take over your property! LDG Services provides pest control experts to keep your home, yard and business bug-free, using specialized treatments.

Residential & Commercial Services

Insect Misting Systems

We’ll install a mosquito and insect misting system in your yard that is programmable to mist at predetermined times. The treatment is people, pet and plant friendly!

Residential pest control

We’ll keep your home safe from unwanted pests, providing you with a pest-free and peaceful living environment.

Commercial Properties

We offer effective solutions for businesses, apartment complexes and condos to safeguard your premises, employees and customers from pests.

Restaurant Pest Control

Give your customers a pest-free dining experience, protecting your establishment’s reputation and ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

About Us

We are a family-owned and operated business, run by a father and son team. We take great pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction and building strong relationships with our customers.

LDG Services proudly serves Texas communities in a wide range of areas. From residential neighborhoods to bustling commercial areas, we're committed to keeping your surroundings pest-free and ensuring your peace of mind.

Pest-Free and Happy Reviews

  • Lisa Ferguson Nickerson
    Awesome company! Does a fantastic job!
    Lisa Ferguson Nickerson
  • Rachel Lowrey-Tucker
    Best pest control company ever!! Whatever they use keeps the critters away!!
    Rachel Lowrey-Tucker
  • Carla Chavez
    Great service and great results. I highly recommend LDG Services!
    Carla Chavez

Why Choose LDG?

  • Experienced team
  • Effective and safe methods
  • Customized solutions
  • Exceptional customer service

Choose LDG Services for effective and safe pest elimination, customized solutions, an expert team, and exceptional customer service. Our highly trained team uses the latest technology to provide tailored solutions, while ensuring your satisfaction through friendly and reliable service.